Collection: PRINTS


Sometimes the best thing about buying art prints is the ability to kind of leave them leaning up against something or pinning them to an office wall in an unconventional way. We love the look of a print hanging on the wall with painters tape on the edges; it makes for such a “oh-I’m-just-so-effortlessly-cool-I-just-hang-art-up-with-tape-like-it’s-nothing-and-I’m-just-using-it-for-inspo” vibe. Oh, maybe we’re just projecting. LOL. These prints operate a little more like posters than fine art prints which also alludes to a carefree coolness; but keep that in mind when purchasing. Depending on the size you pick out you may have to lay it flat for an hour or two with some old fashioned books on the edges to really flatten these babies out!